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  Mail Out Date for all Real Estate & Personal Property Tax Bills

Real Estate and Personal Property (Tangible) tax bills are mailed the first week of October.  The format is a large, multi-colored postcard with two sections – the smaller stub should accompany the tax payment and the larger stub is for the taxpayer’s records.

The tax bill is mailed to the listed property owner unless a mortgage/escrow company has requested the tax bill by the first of September for that tax year.

 Only one tax bill is sent out for each property if the property owner receives the tax bill and they have an escrow account – they should forward the bill to their escrow company.

Should you need a copy of the tax bill please click here to email the Sheriff’s Office in order to request a copy.  (Tax Bill Request: Taxbills@kentoncounty.org)  Tax bills and the status of payments are able to be viewed online by using the “Public Access” button on www.kcor.org.  The user can click on the “Tax Bills” selection and search by owner name, location or parcel identification number.

 Note: Anyone other than the home owner, such as representatives of a escrow/mortgage or title company or an attorney’s office there is a $5.00 fee per property for the Sheriff’s Office to perform lookups.  Information regarding the history of paid or unpaid tax bills as well as tax bill copies are available online using the “Public Access” feature of www.kcor.org.    

A second notice is sent directly to the taxpayer in the middle of January notifying them that the bill remains unpaid.

 Please be advised that failure to receive a bill does not excuse you from penalty and or interest charges.

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If you have purchased a property within the current year, the bill may still be in the name of the previous owner or both owners may be referenced on the bill. 

 The seller of the property would have “paid” their portion of the tax bill to the purchaser of the property (or their escrow/mortgage company) at the time of the closing.  This means the current owner of record is responsible for paying the entire tax bill.  If you received a tax bill and you have an  escrow please forward the tax bill to your escrow/mortgage company. 

 If you or your escrow/mortgage company have not received a tax bill by October 15th of that tax year, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at: 859/ 392-1800. 

 Please be advised that failure to receive a bill does not excuse you from penalty and or interest charges.

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If the taxpayer would like to change their mailing address for the tax bill and any other related mailings pertaining to property evaluation they should contact Kenton County Property Valuation (PVA) at 859.392.1750 or online at www.kentonpva.com.  A “Change of Address Form” will need to completed and sent to PVA in order to update the county records.

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The face amount of the bill is due by December 31stof that tax year but taxpayers have the option of paying through November 1st in order to obtain a 2% discount off of the tax bill amount. 

The tax bill is considered delinquent after December 31st.

The first penalty period is collected January 1st through January 31st.  The penalty is 5% of the face amount.

The second penalty period is collected from February 1st through April 15th. The penalty is 10% plus an additional 10% add-on fee.

The Kenton County Sheriff’s Office will cease tax bill collections end of business day, April 15th. Unpaid tax bills are then turned over to the Kenton County Clerk’s Office for additional collection efforts that will result in added penalties and fees. 

 If the tax bill is not paid to the County Clerk by the time of their annual tax sale in July the tax bill may be SOLD to a third party.  Substantial additional amounts will be due in order to redeem the outstanding taxes.

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Collection Schedule 

October 1st through November 1stFace amount less 2%

November 2nd through December 31stFace amount of tax bill 

January 1st through January 31st:  Face amount plus 5% 

February 1st through April 15thFace amount plus 10% plus 10%


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To pay by MAIL please include the smaller, left side “stub” portion of the tax bill with a check or money order made payable to:  Charles L. Korzenborn, Kenton County Sheriff and mail to:  Charles L. Korzenborn, Kenton County Sheriff / P.O. Box 188070 / Erlanger, KY  41018-8070

Payments postmarked by the U.S. Post Office by the due dates above will be honored for the amount due at the time of the postmark.

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Pay in Person

To pay IN PERSON at one of the two Kenton County Sheriff’s Office locations, payments may be made by cash, check (no third party checks), money or order or credit/debit cards.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are all accepted.  (*Credit/debit transactions are subject to a convenience fee paid by the cardholder.  The Sheriff does not receive any type of fee or commission for these transactions.)

Note: We are not able to split payments for tax bills between (1)(cash/check) and with (2) credit/debit card(s).  The entire amount due MUST be paid either with (1)(cash/check) or (2)credit/debit card.

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         Kenton County Sheriff’s Office – Covington

Kenton County Building
303 Court Street 4th Floor Suite 409
Covington, Ky. 41011
Phone #: 859.392.1800

Hours:       MON – TUE- WED- FRI 8:30 am to 4:00 pm 
THU 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Closed Holidays

1st Floor - Tax Collection of Checks/Money Order/Credit Card Payments Seasonally

     Kenton County Sheriff’s Office - Independence

Independence Courthouse
5272 Madison Pike
Independence, Ky. 41051
Phone #: 859.392.1683

October through April 15th
Hours: MON, TUES, THURS, FRI 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
WED 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

Closed Holidays

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 Pay in Person at 5/3 BanK

To pay IN PERSON at any Northern Kentucky location of 5/3 Bank, an original of the current year tax bill is required.  5/3 will accept payments by cash, check or money order ONLY.  No credit/debit card payments are accepted at 5/3. 

Tax payments made at 5/3 bank locations will be accepted for the amount due on the day the payment is presented.

For locations of the nearest 5/3 Bank, including Banking centers in certain Kroger stores open 7 days a week go to: https://www.53.com/atm/branchatm

5/3 will accept tax payments from October 1st   through December 31st ONLY.

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 Pay Online

 To pay ONLINE a credit/debit card can be made using the website www.kcor.org

1) In your internet browser, type www.kcor.org and hit the Enter key.

2) Click the "Pay Taxbill by Credit Card" button on the bottom right.

3) Type the Tax bill Number and PIDN (Parcel ID Number) and click the "Submit" button.  (Note: if you do not have these numbers, please follow the "Search for Your Tax Bill On-line by Location" below and copy the tax bill number and PIDN on the detail page.)

4) Review the tax bill for accuracy.  Your name, property location etc. should be correct.

5) Click the "Pay Now" button.  You will now be re-directed to a third party credit card company for payment processing.

On-line payment will clear within 3 business days under normal circumstances. Any issue(s) will prolong this process.

Note:Credit/debit transactions are subject to a convenience fee paid by the cardholder.  The Sheriff does not receive any type of fee or sales commission for these transactions.

Online payments can be made 7 days a week between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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Search for Your Tax Bill On-line by Name

1) In your internet browser, type www.kcor.org and press the Enter key.

2) Click the "Click for Free Access" button.

3) Click the "Tax Bills" button.

4) Click the "Owner Name Search" button.

5) Type the Last Name followed by the First Name.

6) Click the "Search" button.

7) Click the Numbered button to the left of your tax bill.


Search for Your Tax Bill On-line by Location

1) In your internet browser, type www.kcor.org and press the Enter key.

2) Click the "Click for Free Access" button.

3) Click the "Tax Bills" button.

4) Click the "Property Location Search" button.

5) In the "Street:" box, type the Street name followed by the suffix (RD, AVE, ST).

6) In the "Number:" box, type the house number.

7) Click the "Search" button.

8) Click the Numbered button to the left of your tax bill.


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Payments made with checks not honored by a financial institution will be removed and marked unpaid in the system.  There will be a $50.00 charge for returned checks.

Reimbursement for returned checks must be made by cash or certified check and will be processed in the applicable collection period, possibly resulting in additional penalties and interest.

Returned checks can only be processed at the Covington Sheriff's office location.       

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Questions concerning assessed values or exemptions (disability or homestead) should be directed to the PVA Office at 859/ 392-1750 or to www.kentonpva.com.

The Kenton County Sheriff, Charles L. Korzenborn is the collector of taxes.  The Sheriff’s office does not assess or set tax rates, penalties, fees, etc. per Kentucky Revised Statues.

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“When will the county bills be mailed?”

A: The bills will be taken to a Cincinnati Post Office around September 30th. Collections will begin on October 1st.


“Why is the bill a postcard?  Now everyone can see how much my house is valued at and the amount of my bill.”  

Using a postcard (Similar to the County Clerk’s Vehicle Tax) is more cost effective from a materials and from a man hours perspective.

The projected savings to the taxpayers of Kenton County for this change - $10,000 – $13,000.

 Tax records such as taxable values, tax bill amounts, due dates and owner information are matters of public record and available on www.kcor.org and www.kentonpva.com


 “Why does the tax bill have the old owners name, but is marked in care of me?”

A:  If the property changed owners in mid-tax year both owners may be referenced on the bill.  However, the new owner is responsible for the entire bill.  The old owner would have “paid” their portion of the taxes to the new owner or their escrow company at the time of the closing. 


 “Who do I contact to change the address of where the tax bill is mailed?”

 A:   Bills sent to escrow/mortgage companies have to be   requested each and every year.  If we do not have a request from a escrow/mortgage company by the beginning of September, the bill will automatically go to the property owner at the address displayed in the “Current Owner Record” fields on the Real Estate Inquiry screen of www.kcor.org. (This address could be different from the actual address of the property.)

If the taxpayer has recently paid off the mortgage or refinanced and wants to make sure the bill comes to the taxpayer rather than going to a mortgage company, the taxpayer should contact the Kenton County Sheriff’s Office at 859/ 392-1800 or by email at taxbills@kentoncouty.org

  The cutoff date for the Sheriff to change mortgage coding is September 3rd.

 If the taxpayer wants to change the mailing address in the “Current  Owner Record” fields they will need to contact PVA at 859/ 392-1750 or online at www.kentonpva.com.


“Who do I make my check payable to?”

A:  Charles L. Korzenborn, Kenton County Sheriff


“Can I use one check for multiple tax bills?”

A:  Yes.  Mark the tax bill number for each of the bills being paid and includethe lower portion of the tax bill for each bill.  (Note:  If the check amount does not equal the total of the bills being paid or if one or more of the bills has already been paid the entire check and tax bills may be returned to the sender.) 


 “Where do I mail my payment to?”

A:  The mailing address for payment:

                Kenton County Sheriff
                P.O. Box 188070
                Erlanger, KY  41018-0903

 Any type of envelope can be used to mail the payment.  (Please remember to include the stub portion of the bill with the check or money order.)


“My bank made the tax check out to me – can I simply sign the check over to the Kenton County Sheriff?”

A:  No.  The Kenton County Sheriff’s Office is not able to accept third party checks.  (Examples:  Payroll, Bank, Government Agency or Personal)


“Can I sign over my income tax refund check to you for payment of my Real Estate taxes?”

A:  No.  The KCSO is not able to accept third part checks. (Examples:  Payroll, Bank, Government Agency or Personal) 


“Does the Sheriff’s Office accept other forms of payment other than cash or check?”

A:  Yes.  In 2008, the KCSO began accepting payment by credit card with a convenience fee charged to the customer. 



“By calling the Sheriff’s Office can I make a credit/debit card payment over the telephone?” 

A:  The card must be present for the transaction to be processed in the Sheriff’s offices. 



“Can I (Homeowner) get a copy of a tax bill mailed to me?”

A:  Yes.  If the homeowner has lost the bill or if the bill was originally sent to the incorrect party or address the KCSO can fax or email a duplicate bill.



“Can I get a receipt for taxes when I mail in a payment?”

A:  Yes, simply send a Self addressed, stamped envelope with your payment.


“I mistakenly paid my tax bill and my bank/mortgage company also paid the bill.  Who will receive a refund?”  

A: The KCSO will apply the first correct payment received.  The second payment will be returned to whoever issued the check. (Note:  If the escrow/mortgage payment is part of a multiple tax bill payment, the KCSO will process the bills that need to be paid and write a refund to the issuing agent for any duplicate payments.)


“I received an exemption after I had already paid my taxes.  Will I receive a refund?”

A: Yes, exemption information is forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office by PVA.  Refunds will begin to be written around the beginning of November in the order they were received. 


“Can I pay my tax bill at 5/3 without my bill statement?”

A:  No, 5/3 will need the entire bill to accept payment.  The bank representative will separate the bill, keep the part needed for the payment and return the customer’s portion.  The bank should stamp the customer’s stub with a paid mark.


“If I pay the bill at 5/3 on November 1st will the payment be credited that date?  What if I pay my bill on a Saturday or Sunday?” 

A: Yes.  There is a couple of days delay for the bill to show paid at the Sheriff’s office but the payment is credited for the date and payment period it was presented at the 5/3 location.



Do we charge mortgage companies, title agencies, attorneys and banks for Duplicate Bill Fees?”

A: (1) No. If it is a current year bill and you are using the website HTTP://www.kcor.org.  Click on the "Public Access" button, type the human test password, then click on "Tax Bills".

To view prior year bills, a subscription is required.  

A: (2) Yes. If you need information researched by the Sheriff staff, there will be a $5.00 per parcel charge.  Fax request will no longer be accepted. All request must be mailed to: 
Kenton County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Taxes
303 Court St Rm 409
Covington   KY  41011

Payment should be made payable to the Kenton County Sheriff and must accompany the request.

The top of request should incude: Your company name, mailing address, telephone number, and name of the person making the request. 
Middle of the request should include a list with each row containing the PIDN, owner's name, property address and tax years you want researced for each parcel.

Once we receive your request and payment, the request will be addressed by the end of the next business day.


“How are payments from Mortgage Companies handled?”

A:  We have encouraged each check from a Mortgage Company or Real Estate Tax firm to be for no more than twenty-five (25) properties.

If the information accompanying the payment is not clear as to what properties are being paid, the tax clerk will return the entire mailing and check to the mortgage company.   


“Where do I file for an exemption?”

A:  Contact PVA at 859.392.1750 for Homestead and Disability Exemptions. 


 “Do I have to apply for my Disability Exemption every year?”

A:  Yes, the taxpayer must present documentation every year by December 31st, that they are still eligible for this type of exemption. 


“What is a Homestead Exemption?”

A: A taxpayer is eligible for a reduction of the value on which the taxes are calculated by providing proof to PVA that someone on the deed is 65 years or older. Please visit the PVA web site www.kentonpva.com for any additional information.  


“Is there a Widow/Widower Exemption available?”

A:  No, the only exemptions through PVA are Disability or Homestead.  


“I received an exemption after I had already paid my taxes.  Will I receive a refund?”

A: Yes, exemption information is forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office by PVA.  Refunds will begin to be written around the middle of October in the order they were received.


“How does the exemption work?  Is all of the tax bill written off?”

A:  In 2013, the exemption figure is $36,000.  This amount is deducted from the Total Assessment for a property creating a new taxable value.  If the original assessed value of the property is equal to or less than $36,000 then there will not be a tax bill.


 “To use www.kcor.org, what do I do if I don’t have an Account Number and Password?”

A:  By clicking on the Click for Free Access button the user will be able to view information for the property.  Delinquent tax status can be researched by reviewing the “Tax Bills” selection.  


“I want to become a website subscriber but I have questions. Who can I talk to?”

A:  The Finance Department at 859.392.1420.


“When will the current year tax bills amounts be available on the website?”

A:  October 1st


“How can I tell if there are any delinquencies on this property?”

A:  KCOR now allows the Guest user access to prior year’s bills.  Using the “Public Access” button on  www.kcor.org, the user will select “Tax Bills” from the Kenton County Official Records menu; if the user has the parcel ID number of the property they will choose the “PIDN Search”.  The user will then enter the PIDN and press the “Search” button.  The next screen will display the matching PIDN, or the nearest PIDN on the top line.  The operator should move the cursor to the number of the line they wish to see in detail and left click on the mouse.  The displayed screen will be the detail of the most recent tax bill.  The information about payment is to the far right side of the screen. (If the bill was sold, the lien holder’s information will on the top right side of the screen.)  To view a prior year’s tax bill, click on the lower right button labeled “Previous Bill”.  The operator can page through multiple prior years records.  All of these records can be printed by the user as a receipt.  Please remember to change settings on your printer from Portrait to Landscape.

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PAY DELINQUENCIES (PRIOR YEAR)        859.392.1650

         County Clerk’s Office   859.392-1600


Property Valuation (PVA)  859.392.1750

PAY DELINQUENT 911 FEES (859)392-1420


Bromley 261-2498
Covington 292-2180
Crescent Springs 341-3017
Crestview Hills 341-7373
Edgewood 331-5910
Elsmere 342-7911
Erlanger 727-2525
Fairview 360-3146
Ft Mitchell 331-1212
Ft Wright 331-1700
Independence 356-5302
Kentonvale(Jackson Florist) 331-7977
Lakeside Park 341-6670
Latonia Lakes 392-1400
Ludlow 491-1233
Morningview (No City Taxes)
Park Hills 431-6252
Ryland Heights 363-7707
Taylor Mill 581-3234
Villa Hills 341-1515

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