Scam Alert

“In recent months Scammers are calling residences in the 859 area code using names of Commanders from the Kenton County Sheriffs Office. The Scammers will tell people that they have a warrant for their arrest for missing jury duty, for failing to appear in court, or for unpaid fines. The Scammers will then say that they are coming to arrest them right away.

 The Scammers will offer that to avoid arrest the person can go to their nearest local store and purchase a Green Dot card (or other type of cards) that can be loaded money on the card and then call the scammer back. The person is then instructed to scratch off the code on the card and to read the validation number off the back of the card to the Scammer.  THIS IS A SCAM!

The Kenton County Sheriff’s Office does not call people in reference to any type of arrest warrant. This is a scam. We have issued multiple press releases regarding this type of situation in order to alert the media.”

Beware Warrant Call Scam
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New Warrant Call Scam November 2016
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