Fingerprinting for Background Checks

As of December 9th, 2020 cardboard fingerprint cards for STATE and/or FBI background checks will no longer be accepted by the Kentucky State Police (KSP).  

Please see the Kentucky State Police (KSP) website for more information.

Entity Requiring Fingerprinting/Background Checks

The Kenton County Sheriff’s Office is used to receiving calls daily from individuals needing fingerprints for licensing, volunteer work, coaching, etc.  If the entity requiring the fingerprint/background (EXAMPLES: Kentucky Real Estate License or Kentucky State Nursing License) is based in Kentucky the entity requiring the fingerprint/background check will need to set up an account with IDENTOGO.

If, however, the requiring employer/licensing agent/school is OUTSIDE of Kentucky - the Kenton County Sheriff’s Office CAN do the fingerprint card once COVID restrictions have been lifted! 

Sheriff Korzenborn has expressed his concerns to Kentucky legislators regarding this change by KSP resulting in charges from $18 to $52 to those needing/requiring fingerprint services.  The Sheriff is more than willing for our office to continue serving the needs of Kenton County residents once COVID restrictions are lifted at no cost but KSP will refuse to accept the cards.